Lower Your Water Heating Bill with These Money-Saving Tips

Whether you have a gas water heater or an electric water heater there are some simple things you can do to cut down on costly monthly water heating bills without giving up any warm water comfort. Here are our top tips.

1. Use Cold Water When Possible

If you don’t need hot water, don’t turn on the hot tap. It sounds simple but if you need to fill a bucket for washing the floors, for example, make sure you use the cold tap. You can also save by only using cold water for doing laundry since most detergents don’t require warm water to be effective.

2. Insulation

Water heaters can waste a significant amount of energy through standing loss. In the same way that your body loses heat quickly if you go outside on a winter’s day without a jacket on, your water tank loses warmth if it’s not insulated. Essentially this means the water cools down faster and more energy is required to heat it back to the target temperature. How do you combat this standing heat loss? By giving your hot water tank a jacket.

When installing hot water system insulation, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid covering the thermostat, burner, and other essential parts that may cause safety hazards when covered. Get your local expert to assist you with hot water tank insulation to ensure it is done safely and that it insulates effectively.

In addition to insulating the tank, insulating the pipes can also make a difference. Consider insulating the first 1.5 to 2 metres of both the hot and cold water pipes connected to the tank.

3. Shower

Unless you are someone who loves to practice singing for hours in the shower, showers generally use less water than taking a bath. Opt for a shower on most days and save your soaking in a tub full of bubbles for when you really have time to enjoy it.

In addition to choosing a shower rather than bathing, install low-flow or water-saving shower fixtures. These showerheads decrease the amount of water used between 25% to 60% which can add up to a huge saving in the long run.

4. Lower the Temperature

A 12°C reduction in your water heater thermostat setting can save between 3% to 5% of your bill. If your thermostat is set as high as 60°C you can most likely drop it down to 50°C without noticing a significant difference. In addition to saving on your bill, the lower temperature will also decrease mineral buildup and corrosion.

5. Turn it Off

Switch your hot water system off when you’re away on holiday. Besides manually switching off your system, you can install a timer to turn it off at night and automatically switch it on at the desired interval to decrease energy use and prolong the life of your hot water system.

Whether you have a gas or electric hot water system, it is one of the most essential appliances in your home. Call our experts for fast service and the best advice about repairs, maintenance, and hot water system replacement in Brisbane.

Fast Installations

If you’re not happy with your current hot water system, let us provide superior replacements that satisfy your needs. Our installations - available in gas, electric, and solar variants - are best suited for new and old residential units.

Fittings and Repairs

HWS Brisbane offers extensive repair services as well as gas fittings. Our experts fix your plumbing, resolve drainage problems, and realign gas fittings to complete all your repairs on time and with diligence.

System resolution

Get your hot water system checked by our experts. If your water isn’t getting appropriately heated or you’re always complaining about run-outs, it’s probably a system malfunction that requires immediate resolution.


Optimize the performance of your hot water system by hiring us for a specialist service. No matter which brand you won, a serviced heating system not only works better, but its longevity also increases.

We eliminate the stress of the cold in your home, we replace your water heater so you can enjoy that warm space you have always wanted.

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