Gas Hot Water System Brisbane

Our Gas Hot Water Systems are used for sanitary water and domestic use, using either butane or natural gas as the main fuel. We installed a gas water heater that will allow you to enjoy hot water generated practically instantly with two types of operation depending on your combustion chamber.

• Natural draft: It is recommended to be installed outdoors (facades, open galleries…) or in well-ventilated places. They must have a well-dimensioned smoke outlet duct using a metal tube that, at least in its first 20 cm, must be totally vertical.

• Forced draft: The heater includes a powerful fan inside that ensures the evacuation of combustion gases to the outside. This system is safer and allows us to install the heater in confined or poorly ventilated spaces. They must be plugged into the mains for the fan to work. They are the perfect solution to evacuate combustion gases when the home gas installation does not comply with current gas extraction regulations.

We cover the daily demand of a home for the shower, the bathroom or the kitchen.
We offer friendly and professional attention, we provide quality customer service that will make you feel satisfied not only with the product but also with the care and workmanship.

Fast Installations

If you’re not happy with your current hot water system, let us provide superior replacements that satisfy your needs. Our installations - available in gas, electric, and solar variants - are best suited for new and old residential units.

Fittings and Repairs

HWS Brisbane offers extensive repair services as well as gas fittings. Our experts fix your plumbing, resolve drainage problems, and realign gas fittings to complete all your repairs on time and with diligence.

System resolution

Get your hot water system checked by our experts. If your water isn’t getting appropriately heated or you’re always complaining about run-outs, it’s probably a system malfunction that requires immediate resolution.


Optimize the performance of your hot water system by hiring us for a specialist service. No matter which brand you won, a serviced heating system not only works better, but its longevity also increases.

We eliminate the stress of the cold in your home, we replace your water heater so you can enjoy that warm space you have always wanted.

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