Fast Installations

If you’re not happy with your current hot water system, let us provide superior replacements that satisfy your needs. Our installations - available in gas, electric, and solar variants - are best suited for new and old residential units.

Fittings and Repairs

HWS Brisbane offers extensive repair services as well as gas fittings. Our experts fix your plumbing, resolve drainage problems, and realign gas fittings to complete all your repairs on time and with diligence.

System resolution

Get your hot water system checked by our experts. If your water isn’t getting appropriately heated or you’re always complaining about run-outs, it’s probably a system malfunction that requires immediate resolution.


Optimize the performance of your hot water system by hiring us for a specialist service. No matter which brand you won, a serviced heating system not only works better, but its longevity also increases.

Why you should rely on our team

At HWS Brisbane, we are spearheaded by a team of experienced professionals who have helped thousands of customers with their hot water needs. After years of working in the industry, we can confidently claim that no other company does it better than us. We service, repair, and install various hot water systems, including those based on gas, electricity, and solar power. So, when you hire us for the job, we look for the problem and provide recommendations that would increase the performance of your system and prevent further technical issues down the line.

Our Service include

  • Delivery

    Supply and delivery of electric hot water unit.

  • Full-and-medium-scale replacements

    Replacement of the isolation

  • Old system removal

    Replacement of the base if necessary.

  • Full-and-medium-scale replacements

    Disconnection and reconnection of the electrical network.

  • Old system removal

    Pressure limiting valve, cold water expansion valve and tempering valve.

What does your hot water system need?

Are you tired of paying high energy bills even though the water at your house is barely warm?

Let our experts inspect for leaks and other malfunctions.

Get a free quote today!

We provide a free of charge quotation service for Brisbane Qld. Our free of charge quotation service includes fixed price quote post consultation and valuable advice for your repair project. All our consultations are provided by ZORAN STOJKOVIC with more than 25 years of industry experience!

So hurry and take action by filling our online form or calling us at

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