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Instant Hot Water System Brisbane Northside

Our hot water systems are the ideal solution at instant for commercial and residential properties in Brisbane and the Brisbane Northside area. We have 20 years of experience in repairing old and obsolete hot water systems, as well as installing new heaters. Hire our professionals to have an essential element in your home such as hot water. We have done various installation and repair jobs in Northside Brisbane. Our services are of high quality, honest and professional with an emphasis on meeting the needs of our clients!

We work with families on a budget who need supplemental hot water systems on the north side of Brisbane.
We will recommend inexpensive heaters and durable items so you don’t have to spend more on repairs.

Hot Water Systems Repairs

and Installations in Brisbane Northside

A good hot water system not only allows you a relaxing bath, but also helps you save time and energy in cleaning your home, hot water in its use of eliminating germs and a variety of allergens that can destabilize your health, for that reason our services are at your disposal to provide you with a quality product and thus ensure that you have the best possible result.

Whatever your budget, our satisfied customers on the north side of Brisbane can attest that our heater installations are completed to high standards and built with reliable products and qualified traders.

Fast Installations

If you’re not happy with your current hot water system, let us provide superior replacements that satisfy your needs. Our installations - available in gas, electric, and solar variants - are best suited for new and old residential units.

Fittings and Repairs

HWS Brisbane offers extensive repair services as well as gas fittings. Our experts fix your plumbing, resolve drainage problems, and realign gas fittings to complete all your repairs on time and with diligence.

System resolution

Get your hot water system checked by our experts. If your water isn’t getting appropriately heated or you’re always complaining about run-outs, it’s probably a system malfunction that requires immediate resolution.


Optimize the performance of your hot water system by hiring us for a specialist service. No matter which brand you won, a serviced heating system not only works better, but its longevity also increases.

We eliminate the stress of the cold in your home, we replace your water heater so you can enjoy that warm space you have always wanted.

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