How to Know Your Hot Water System is Not Working

Getting in the shower on a winter morning with nothing more than a cold drizzle dripping from the showerhead is not the way to start your day. Recognizing the early warning signs that your hot water system is about to call it quits not only prevents having to put up with a cold shower but can save you costly repairs. Here are 6 easy ways to detect that your hot water system needs attention.

1. Not Enough Water

If you have hot water, but only enough to wash the dishes before the temperature drops, your hot water system may be tripping the circuit or is simply just too small for your needs. The problem can also be a faulty unit component such as the heating element or a temperature-pressure valve.

2. Inconsistent Water Temperature

Your water temperature may feel a little like Goldilocks’ porridge…sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold, and sometimes just right. Although this may be easy to shrug off since there are still varying degrees of warm water, it could be worth your while looking into it as it can indicate bigger issues that will worsen over time.

3. A Leaking Hot Water System

If you notice water pooling around the bottom of the unit or dripping from your hot water system, it generally indicates a critical internal problem and requires immediate action. If you want to inspect the unit inlets, pipes, screws, or connectors to check that they aren’t loose, always disconnect the electricity or turn the gas to the unit off and let it cool before starting inspections or work. If all the fittings are still tightly in place, check the bottom of the water heater for excessive leaking. Although it is normal for there to be some condensation on the water heater, there should not be any continuous leaking.

If the tank is leaking, your Brisbane hot water system technician will most likely recommend an entire water heater replacement.

4. Reduced Water Flow

If you notice your usually adequate hot shower rain turn to a trickle, this indicates a hot water system problem. Water flow changes may indicate a build-up of sediment or limescale in your water heater or even in the connecting plumbing. Keep in mind that this type of build-up will only increase over time, making your problem worse and even irreparable.  

You may need to drain the water tank and flush out sediment as well as inspecting pipes for drainage problems. It is a good idea to schedule an appointment with a professional for hot water systems in Brisbane to descale your water heater. They will also clean the inlet and outlet pipes. This can save you the cost of having to replace the entire unit.

5. Unusual Sounds

If you are hearing boiling sounds, this is a serious problem indicating intense overheating or pressure build-up. Other unusual sounds that should not be ignored are cracks, bangs, pops, or whining noises. These could be a result of a deteriorating heating element or burning sediment.

6. Discoloured Water

Strange water smells or colours can be a sign of rust or bacteria inside the hot water system tank. The tank should have a rod that kills bacteria and removes rust. However, the smells or muddy, rusty water colour could be a sign that it is faulty. If the off colour or odour is present when using cold water, it may be a water source issue.

If you notice inconsistencies, book an appointment with a Brisbane hot water system specialist as soon as possible. Being prepared for hot water systems issues before they arise can save you a lot of money, and miserable mornings.

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