Instant hot water heater for house in Brisbane

To ensure that your home has access to hot water whenever you need it, HWS Brisbane supplies a range of instant hot water systems, including: 3 phase instantaneous hot water heaters, single phase instantaneous electric water heaters, open vented compact storage water heaters, and mains pressure compact storage water heaters. Our 3 phase and mains pressure heaters are suitable for multiple outlets, whilst our single phase and open vented heaters are designed for smaller point of use applications.

If you purchase a new or replacement tankless water heater, it’s best to . This will ensure the job is done safely and reduce the risk of the appliance malfunctioning in the future. Plus, delivery is included, and the unit comes with a warranty. For efficient and reliable installation services on your residential or commercial property, trust the professionals at HWS Brisbane.


We provide a free of charge quotation service for Brisbane Qld. Our free of charge quotation service includes fixed price quote post consultation and valuable advice for your repair project. All our consultations are provided by ZORAN STOJKOVIC with more than 25 years of industry experience!

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How to find the right Hot Water Heater Capacity

You need to consider flow rate to find the right capacity. This will tell you how much hot water your machine can comfortably produce on demand. You can calculate your required flow rate (usually expressed in gallons per minute, or GPM) by thinking about what sorts of water fixtures you plan on running simultaneously and then adding up all their individual flow rates. Here’s a helpful list of the flow rate for common fixtures.

  • Standard Dishwasher: 2 GPM
  • High-Efficiency Dishwasher: 1 GPM
  • Faucet: 1 GPM
  • Shower: 2 GPM
  • Rain Shower Head: 5 GPM
  • Standard Washing Machine: 2.5 GPM
  • High-Efficiency Washing Machine: 1 GPM

Proudly providing exceptional service, fix or replace of water heater in Brisbane

For more than 25 years, we have built a reputation as one of the leading hot water supply companies. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your heater or repair the one you already have, we can help turn your vision into reality.

The locations we have been serving in Brisbane are:

Please contact us today to confirm your suburb for our complete bathroom renovation or shower screen installation services at 0411 474 971.

Service man adjusting house heating system

Fast Installations

If you’re not happy with your current hot water system, let us provide superior replacements that satisfy your needs. Our installations - available in gas, electric, and solar variants - are best suited for new and old residential units.

Fittings and Repairs

HWS Brisbane offers extensive repair services as well as gas fittings. Our experts fix your plumbing, resolve drainage problems, and realign gas fittings to complete all your repairs on time and with diligence.

System resolution

Get your hot water system checked by our experts. If your water isn’t getting appropriately heated or you’re always complaining about run-outs, it’s probably a system malfunction that requires immediate resolution.


Optimize the performance of your hot water system by hiring us for a specialist service. No matter which brand you won, a serviced heating system not only works better, but its longevity also increases.

We eliminate the stress of the cold in your home, we replace your water heater so you can enjoy that warm space you have always wanted.

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